Born 1956 in Romblon.  PWU Fine Arts major in painting.  Had one-man shows at Micaller, Metro Heritage, Bel Air Gallery, Genesis, Art Den and several group shows in the AAP-organized exhibits. Art awards also won from AAP art contests. Moreno was essentially a watercolor artist, a medium which he brought to its full potential in depicting the Philippine landscapes, seascapes, churches, flowers, nipa huts and the rural scene. Prior to his demise, he was the first artist to capture whatever life was left in Pampanga after the Pinatubo eruption with his one-man show "Laharlandia". His works are found in the collection of Makati banks, lawyers, and Manila doctors and hospitals.

Featured Works: 23 Pieces
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Sa Aming Nayon
(4 pcs)

(4 pcs)

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Nature Essence
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Kalikasan Series
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