Born 1955 in Ibajay, Aklan.  PWU Fine Arts.  Awards from the AAP Competitions and from the National Museum.  Over 40 shows during his 16-year freelance career as artist. Major exhibits abroad include "Finissage" at Wesbeth, New York; Melbourne, Australia at Albert Park Lake Reserve; Asian Pacific Heritage Show in Los Angeles; Museo dela Inoformisione di Senigallia, Italy, (Dedicato Donna). Local exhibits include those at the Cultural Center of the Philippines; Heroes Hall in Malacañang; the National Museum, Le Gallerie Alliance Francaise, Indonesian Embassy, and the University of the Philippines. Subjects of his works evolved from the Philippines' Spanish heritage, nature and ecology; woman-nature themes, and recently venturing into expressionist approaches, landscapes, flowers and gardens.  His latest works border on the abstract.

Featured Works: 14 Pieces
(All Measurements in Inches)


Mayuming Pilipina Series
(12 pcs)

Ang Pilipina Noon
(1 pc)

Ethmo Techno
(1 pc)