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The PINOYARTE.COM  gallery boasts of a sizeable number of stocks in trade.  Unlike the typical gallery with a few dozens or a hundred or so original art works in its inventory, ours is not a fancy showroom, but a warehouse full of over a thousand artworks:  oils, watercolors, acrylics, collages, pastels, charcoals, prints, mixed media pieces and posters.


This unusually large collection began as a hobby in the late 1970’s and continued on until the 1990’s, at a time when works of young, promising artists were being sold at comparatively low prices.  These artists had not yet then achieved the status and prominence they have today.

In this 20-year period, the art hobby grew to over a thousand pieces and it soon needed a warehouse for storage.
It was only a matter of time, however, before physical space limitations and rising overhead left us no choice but to open the collection to interested buyers.


With the world’s increasing use of e-commerce, the collection has found the perfect vehicle for reaching out to art lovers in the Philippines and overseas who want to enjoy or invest in contemporary Philippine art or who feel nostalgic for things Filipino, notably Pinoy art.


Because we own and have capitalized our inventory, we need not conform to the trade practice of adding on margins  to existing industry price levels for consigned artwork.  Moreover, we have the advantage of low acquisition costs and therefore, low selling prices.

Ours is not the typical gallery with expensive showrooms, sales and office personnel, overhead and exhibits to mount, and other overhead.  As an online gallery, we are more flexible with our prices because our operating costs are negligible.

While others are out to promote the works and careers of selected artists, our goal as a Pinoy gallery in cyberspace is to provide a ready market source for decided buyers who are looking for the best prices for artworks of specific artists or genre.  In short, we depend not on maximum profits, but on fast turnover as a way to unload the sizeable art inventory in the warehouse of  PINOYARTE.COM.


PINOYARTE.COM presents several pieces of each series or theme of an artist’s works -- arranged by color or on a thematic basis -- to make it easier for the browser searching for specific colors, themes, subjects or art styles.

As you travel through the PINOYARTE.COM website, you are first introduced to each artist and his development as one, the highlights of his career, as well as his stature in the art world -- as seen through his works spanning several years.

Each artist’s works are then presented series by series or theme by theme with variations within each series or a theme, for greater visual convenience.


We are presently highlighting the works of twenty-two (22) contemporary Filipino artists, with the number of works offered ranging from a high of 40 pieces to a low of 4 to 5 pieces, per artist.

Subsequent changes in our website will feature works of other artists in our collection until the entire inventory of over a thousand art pieces are  featured.  Happy treasure hunting !